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1  Access Engineering View/Download
2  ACM Digital Library View/Download
3  American Chemical Society View/Download
4  American Institute of Physics View/Download
5  American Physical Society View/Download
6  Annual Reviews View/Download
7  ASCE Journals Online View/Download
8  ASME Journals Online View/Download
9  ASTM Standards + Digital Library View/Download
10  Bentham Science View/Download
11  Cambridge University Press View/Download
12  Economic & Political Weekly View/Download
13  Elsevier ScienceDirect View/Download
14  Emerald Publishing View/Download
15  IEEE/IET Electronic Library Online View/Download
16  Institute of Physics View/Download
17  JSTOR View/Download
18  Nature View/Download
19  Optical Society of America (Optics InfoBase) View/Download
20  Oxford University Press View/Download
21  Portland Press View/Download
22  Project Euclid View/Download
23  Project Muse View/Download
24  Proquest-ABI/Inform Complete View/Download
25  Royal Society of Chemistry View/Download
26  SIAM View/Download
27  Springer Link View/Download
28  Taylor and Francis View/Download
29  Wiley Blackwell Publishing View/Download
1   Capitaline View/Download
2   CRIS INFAC Industrial Information (CRISIL) View/Download
3   EPWRF India Time Series View/Download
4   Euromonitor - Passport View/Download
5   IEC Standards View/Download
6   Indiastat View/Download
7   INSIGHT View/Download
8   Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) View/Download
9   JGate Plus (JCCC) View/Download
10   LexisNexis View/Download
11   Manupatra View/Download
12   MathSciNet View/Download
13   SciFinder Scholar View/Download
14   Web of Science View/Download
15   Westlaw India View/Download
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